Does the perfect pizza exist?

The answer for you is yes !! , however your pizza may not be perfect for others.

When it comes to pizza, everyone has their likings, secrets and expectations, some people prefer the thin crust others thick crust, some folks choose to sumerge the cheese in marinara others barely add sauce to it.

So you see the perfect pizza depends on your personal taste.

That been said, there are three main components in a pizza that are always a key feature in the making of it.

1. Dough: This is the foundation of your pizza, it´s a big gamechanger when you use the right dough for it. Whether you prefer crispy thin, thick pan, using the best recipe will give you the best result. All of them are great choices to make a unique pizza but be advice, use them wisely.

2. Sauce: This is the base of the flavor, a good sauce should be so tasty that even if the pizza doesn´t have any toppings it will still be yummy. Make sure that the sauce you use is thick enough for not to release liquids during the cooking otherwyse you will end up with a saggy pizza. Favorites sauces include marinara, bbq, pesto and alfredo.

3. Topping: Ok, this sounds a bit obvious but I want you to pay attention to details, I´m not talking about the combination of bacon and onions, or basil and feta cheese on top or any other mouth watering flavor . I´m talking about to the right texture of them before adding them to your pizza. You can add whatever makes your tastebuds happy as long as their cooking procees in the oven don´t spoil the hard work you put into making it.

Avoid adding directly to the pizza some raw ingredients that releases water during the cooking process , such as mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers,

Also avoid raw ingredients that won´t fully cook in the oven for such a small amount of time (between 12 to 14 mins is the average time for cooking a pizza) such a raw chicken, raw meat, raw seafood (they release liquids as well), raw pumkin, raw potatoes, you get the idea.

Instead you can try to make some preparations that include that ingredient and then use it as a topping, they don´t need to be elaborated just need to be cooked to be safe for use, e.g. boil the shrimps in their shells in salted water , cool them and remove the shell then use them on top of the pizza, also you can cut chicken dices and sauted them with onions peppers and then toss them with cajun spices.

Last but not least I will give you some pointers about the cheese, no pizza will ever be complete without it, there are cheese options for every budget, so don´t let that stand between you and a good pizza. My advice: choose a cheese that is not too greasy, choose also a cheese that melts easy for the base, you can pick strong flavor cheese in smaller quantities to add them after your base cheese and consider them as toppings.

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