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Taler Bora ( Sugar Palm Pakora )

Taler Bora

Taler Bora ( Sugar Palm Pakora )

Hallo friends !...Today I am sharing with you Taler Bora recipe. This tasty food is very famous in Bengal and it is generally made during 'Janmastami utsab'. The process of making Taler Bora is very easy. You can try it at home to enjoy the sweet recipe.


Sweet palm ( Taal/taad ) - 1

Coconut ( Nariel ) 4 cups(grated)

Sugar - 2 cups

Wheat flour ( Maida ) - 2 cups

Rice flour - 1/2 cup,

banana - 4

Semolina ( Sooji )- 1/2 cup

Refined Vegetable Oil for frying



* Remove the skin of the Tal & separates the seeds ( 3 or 4 in number ).

* Soak the seeds in water for 10 minutes.

* Extract the pulp from those seeds using a vegetable grater and sieve. Collect the juicy pulp in a bowl.

* Add grated coconut, and all the other ingredients into the pulp. Add little maida or suji. The pulp mix should be thick. Now the batter is ready for frying pakoras/boras.

* Heat enough oil in a pan. Reduce the heat when its hot. Make small balls with the pulp and drop into the hot oil. Now increase the flame and deep fry until deep brown. Fry around 9-10 taler bora at one go depending on the size.

* Strain the oil from the boras using tissue paper or kitchen towel. Follow the same procedure with rest of the pulp mix.

* Now its ready to taste. Serve hot or cold.


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