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Narkel Naru ( Coconut Laddu )

Narkel Naru ( Coconut Laddu )

Narkel Naru is a must for any good occasion in Bengal. Yesss Guys !...It is a very traditional Bengali dessert recipe. 
 This sweet, tasty, yummy narkeler naruis always made  at our home during Pujas such as the Durga Puja/Lakshmi Puja and specially for Vijaya Dashami to greet the guests who visit our home during Pujas. ulllsss ! So Mouth-watering recipe !
Coconut laddoos are the easiest laddoos one can make.. Narkel (coconut) Narus are also made with gur or jaggery. Garnish with nuts if you want.


4 cups Grated (without skin) Coconut ( Frozen/Fresh )
300 ml Condensed milk or 1 cup Khoya
10 pieces Green Cardamom Seeds ( crashed ) 
1/2 cup Sugar
1tbsp Ghee

How to make Narkel Naru

1) heat ghee in a kadai. Add cardamon.

2) put the grated coconut into the kadai and continue to stir.

3) Add the condensed milk and mix well.

4) At the beginning cook on a medium flame then reduce the flame and keep stirring constantly on a low flame till it gets sticky.

5) Now you can make laddu/naru from the mixture.Turn off the flame and take the mixture on a flat surface and start making laddoos. Remember that naru has to be formed while the mixture is still warm. It will harden when it coolsand you will be unable to give it shape. 

Now enjoy your narkeler naru or laddoo.

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