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2 Celebs Hair-Care Secrets

You have bad hair days during rainy season! What a relief from the scorching heat...but Maybe your hair doesn't like monsoon.
Humidity and dampness makes your hair unmanageable and frizzy. Hair fall and dandruff also add to your worries.

Well, I just tell you the celebrities' gorgeous hairstyles which will  making you look stunning as never!

Kangana's curly Hair:

While many ladies with curly hair use straightening irons, Kangana never do it. She knows better that her curls have drawn attention of people.

If you have curly hair like her, then stop contemplating and try carry your hairstyle. Don't brush your knots away but scrunch it some more.

Apply any curl enhancing products after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Its better to apply a mousse for long lasting and voluminous curls.

Monsoon hair care of Amrita Rao:

The beautiful and gorgeous Amrita Rao practices each of the following hair care on a regular basis. you also can try to apply for your hair these tips to look better during monsoon.

* Try to get a hair trim because having shorter hair helps you maintain your hair easily during the monsoons.

* Always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair and gives it the required bounce.

* Heavy moisture in the air tends to make the hair more unruly in this season. Using a leave-on serum during monsoons which protects your hair fall. A leave-on serum can also help to softens your hair texture.

* Use simple hair accessories and traditional styling. Don’t use all that blow drying and straightening which can make your hair dry and frizzy.

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