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Rabdi Falooda

I taste this Rabdi Falooda in a street food stall near Delhi Chandni chowk....
What a refreshing flavor...I really loved this chilled dessert....Friends, I am sharing the way I make it with you today.


For Rabdi:

1 litre Milk,
6-7 tbsp Sugar,
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder,
Condensed milk 100 gm

For Falooda: 

50 gm Falooda sev,
1 1/2 cup milk,
Vanilla ice cream 1/2 litre

For Garnishing

chopped Almonds, Pistachios and Cashew nuts,
Rose Syrup


1) Boil milk over low flame until it thickens enough (reduce it to 1/2 of its quantity). Stir continuously during boiling to avoid burning.

2) Add condensed milk, cardamom powder & sugar. 

3) Turn off the flame after 6-7 minutes and keep it aside for cooling completely. Then refrigerate it for 2 hours.

4) cook the falooda with milk for 10 to 12 minutes. When its done keep aside for cooling.

5) Refrigerate it fir 1 hour.

6) Take an ice-cream bowl and put 3 tbsp of falooda in it. Then add 5 tbsp rabdi, a scoop of ice cream and rose syrup over it. Top it with chopped pistachios, almonds and cashew. Serve chilled.

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