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Save Your Heart--Say 'No' to Smoking

Are you a chain-smoker?...Then read it very carefully otherwise its too late. 17%-30% smokers die every year due to heart disease.  cigarettes not only causes Ischemia, High Pressure, Coronary heart disease but also increases the risk of Heart Attack. Too many cigarettes means increasing the risk factors. 'No' to smoking is the single best way for a healthy heart. Please think over it, its high time to choose the right steps, its never too late to give up.

What cigarettes do actually for heart...?

1) Due to smoking, a fatty material Atheroma continuously build up in the lining of  arteries, which narrows the path of arteries which can reduce the blood flow & blood is more likely to clot.
2) There is carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke which reduces the amount of oxygen in blood. So its hard for the heart to pump pure oxygeneted blood. 
3) Consumption of cigarettes means intake of nikotine which stimulates to produce adrenaline in the body. As a result of this adrenaline heart beat moves faster raiseing your blood pre
All these factors can increase the risk of having angina, a heart failure or a stroke.

What next after Stopping smoking...?

Its really a very wise decision to leave smoking, but first you feel some withdrawal effect because nicotine makes smoking addictive. The symptoms of withdrawal can begin within 1/2 an hour of your last use of cigarette. This symptom includes depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, headaches, sore throat, difficulty concentrating, feeling restless, tingling in the hands and feet, sweating, irritability, slower heart rate etc..Withdrawal symptoms disappears in 3-4 weeks, but those are very hard time to pass...

Its not easy to say 'NO' completely:

1)Keep the match boxes, ashtrays etc out of your sight. Change total home decor to forget the memories of living room, bedroom, drawing room where you enjoy your mood by smoking cigerettes.

2) Try to grow the habit of morning walk and exercise. Busy yourself with family and friends or build up a good hobby like book reading, listening music etc.

3) Take saunf, ajwain, ginger, chewing gum, fruit juice etc at your previous smoking hours.

4) Avoid cigerette shops in the streets. At the party when friends are busy in smoking , just avoid them and go to time pass in the 'no-smoking' zones.

5) If still its difficult to control yourself, then take sugar free chewing gum in the mouth.
6) Take the support of your friends and family and join a support group who are also trying to quit smoking.

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