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Milk Shake

Hallo Moms ! This recipe is for you.  Milk shake is super kid-friendly, very easy to make and tastes yummy. Not only kids adults also enjoy it on a hot day.


Milk 600 ml (for an ultra-rich shake, use whole milk-or milk with a little half-and-half cream. But never use heavy cream),
Vanilla icecream 2 cup ( vanilla makes a good base for most shakes, or you can use your favourite icecream like chocolate),
chocolate syrup,
caramel sauce,
candy or cookie pieces,
a handful of chocolate or butterscotch chips,
For Banana milk shake -- 1 chopped banana,
For Chocolate milk shake -- 2 big tbsp drinking chocolate powder ( or 2 tbsp nestle nesquik instant chocolate drink mix ),
For Raspberry milk shake --100 gm fresh raspberry,
For Strawberry milk shake -- 250 gm fresh strawberry (or 3 tbsp strawberry-flavor Nestle Nesquik powder),
For Keshar-Elaichi shake -- saffron (mix with 2 tsp milk for 20 minutes) and cardamom powder


1) Take all the ingredients into a blender jar. Blend till smooth. Use less milk for a thicker, spoonable shake; more for a thinner, sippable one.

2)Pour your milkshake into chilled glasses

3) It tastes great topped with a tower of whipped cream. Layer on toppings like chocolate syrup, candy or cookie pieces, sugary cereal or rainbow sprinkles. Adding with a straw serve it.

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