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Palak Matar Paneer Sabzi

Palak Matar Paneer sabzi is a vegetarian cooking. It is yummy to eat with  roti or paratha.


Potatoes (cut in small pieces),
Cauliflower(cut in small pieces)
Spinach paste,
Paneer cubes,
Grated Onion,
Ginger paste,
Boiled Green Peas (Motorshuti),
Red Chilli paste,
Coriander and Cumin paste,
Grated Tomato,
Garam Masala(cardamon, cinnamon, cloves)
Salt, sugar, termaric powder, oil


1)First, let the paneer cubes be soaked in hot water so that it becomes soft and spongy. Then lightly fry the potatoes,  cauliflowers and grated onion and keep aside.

2)Heat oil in the pan. Add ginger and red Chilli paste, Coriander and Cumin paste, salt, turmeric and sugar in the hot oil. Cook it for few seconds and add grated tomato gourd . Add fried potatoes, fried peas, and fried cauliflower. Stir it well then add spinach paste and paneer cubes. Cover it with a lid to cook well .

3)Mix garam masala with it and turn off the flame. Searve hot and taste the magic.

Nutrition Facts

232 calories for 1 serving of Palak Matar Paneer Sabzi,
Cholesterol 0.6 mg,
Carbohydrates 11.1g,
Protein 9.2g,
Fat 16.7g

*Fact is made on the basis of  2000 calorie diet and someones daily values may vary depending on their calorie needs.

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