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Chicken soup for diabetics

Chicken soup is a home made, delicious and as well as healthy diabetes recipe.


Boneless chicken ( short pieces ),
Carrot half cup (grated ),
onion half cup (grated),
Ginger 1 inch (finely cut ),
green chilli 2 ( chopped ),
Black pepper (dust),
cornflower 1tsp,
coriander leaves


take some water in a pan and boil it. Add ginger and green chilli. Add carrot and onions. Add chicken. Add some salt and pepper. Cook it until the chicken softens. When the chicken is cooked well remove the chicken from it and take the chicken stock in a bowl.
Now finely grated the boiled chicken in another bowl. Boil the chicken stock in medium flame. Add the grated chicken. Make a paste of cornflour and water. Add this paste to the stock. cook it well and it thickens. Pour it in a serving bowl. Add butter and coriander leaves.
Yummy soup is ready.

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